How Meghan Markle got the world talking about periods

Such debates have got women in the West thinking more about how those in the developing world cope with menstruation, and prompted some innovative ideas.

London start up Freda, an eco friendly sanitary product delivery service, gives a portion of the profits from every subscription to charities providing menstrual hygiene products to food banks and asylum seeker centres in the UK and to Kilipads, a social enterprise in Tanzania.

Initiatives like these, which get all of us talking more openly about menstruation, are a vital step towards helping girls and women manage their periods with dignity and confidence, and continuing the battle for equality, says Louisa Gosling.

“We need everyone to be open to talking about periods, whether they are a teenage girl, a parent, a teacher – or a politician or public figure.”

May 28 is Menstrual Hygiene Day. Watch WaterAid’s short film about their #PeriodProud campaign here