Students gather for annual Maine Learning Technology Initiative Conference

ORONO, Maine. (WABI) – More than a thousand students and their teachers attended a conference on the UMaine campus in Orono Thursday.

It’s a day where students can get plenty of experience by learning how to use technology in a variety of ways.

Maine middle and high school students gathered at the University of Maine for the 15th Annual Maine Learning Technology Initiative.

Project manager, Deborah Friedman said, “We are focusing on music and sound this year and a couple of bands are teaching kids how to use technology to make their own music.”

It’s a conference that brings students together for a hands-on learning experience.

Friedman said, “We got some virtual reality classes, augmented reality, and coding-sort of anything that they might need to learn with technology.”

But that’s not all, students also learned to take a picture perfect photo.

Rayna Barnard said,”How to adjust the camera, how to get to focus on certain things, and to blur out others. I like photography a lot, so being able to do it myself and stuff is like cool.”

Project manager at the event, Deborah Friedman, said this day may be focused on technology, but there’s an even bigger picture.

“They learn some very specific skills, they also learn just some of the possibilities of what they can do with technology. It’s all about helping them create things in technology- just not using it to passively play games or read things. Also to sort of look towards a future as potential careers in technology,” said, Friedman.

“It’s just a good opportunity and we get to learn a lot of stuff we never knew before.”

If you’re thinking about attending next year, Barnard offered this advice, “Definitely make sure your iPads are charged and you should prepare to have a lot of fun and learn a lot .”