World Cup 2018: Joe Hart left out of England’s 23-man squad

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    World Cup 2018 kits

    The kits for the 2018 World Cup have started to be released … but which one is your favourite?


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    Russia home

    They say: A clean design in red and white, inspired by the 1988 USSR jersey.

    Our verdict: Literally cannot muster up the enthusiasm to write anymore words about this snorefest.


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    Russia away

    They say: A smart strip in white and blue with subtle geometric pattern.

    Our verdict: Now that’s more like it! Big mistake not making this the home kit in our ever so humble opinion.


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    Saudi Arabia home and away

    Both home and away kits yet to be released. Will be supplied by Nike. Will probably feature a bit of green.

    AFP/Getty Images

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    Egypt home

    They say: A ‘sleek and modern’ kit with sublimated check pattern on the front and white Adidas strips down the sides.

    Our verdict: Decent. Would make a nice Manchester United kit.


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    Uruguay home

    They say: A clean design in ‘silver lake blue’, with an ‘engineered jacquard graphic’ in the middle of the jersey.

    Our verdict: What’s Spanish for ‘horrific v neck’?


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    Portugal home

    They say: The red base from Portugal’s Euro 2016 triumph is retained, with Nike introducing ‘gold-metallic trim’ and a green collar.

    Our verdict: Yup, it’s a template. But that doesn’t stop it from looking smart.


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    Portugal away

    They say: An all-white design inspired by the country’s naval history.

    Our verdict: Cleaner than Kim Woodburn’s kitchen. Lovely stuff.


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    Spain home

    They say: Made by Adidas and inspired by the classic 1994 home strip.

    Our verdict: GET IT ON MY TORSO NOW.

    Getty Images

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    Spain away

    They say: Another 1980s inspired kit. ‘Halo blue’ with bright orange trim.

    Our verdict: It’s … okay. Not a patch on that smashing home effort, mind.


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    Morocco home and away

    Both kits, to be produced by Adidas, are yet to be released.

    Valery Sharifulin/TASS

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    Iran home and away

    Same again – to be produced by Adidas but yet to be released. Hurry up lads!

    Getty Images

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    France home

    They say: A traditional look with blue jersey, white shorts and red socks.

    Our verdict: Another template. Another sexy kit. Damn you, Nike!


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    France away

    They say: White shirt, blue sleeves and white socks – with a distinct graphic print.

    Our verdict: Why couldn’t Nike have given this to England?! As smooth as Zinedine Zidane’s shiny bald head.


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    Australia home and away

    Move along, nothing to see here. Nike’s Aussie kits are yet to be released.


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    Peru home

    They say: The last ever Umbro kit for the country – Marathon Sports take over next year.

    Our verdict: You don’t get more traditional than this. A proper football kit for proper football men. You can shove your xG up your a***, etc.


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    Denmark home and away

    Yet to be released. But they’re to be manufactured by Hummel. So they’re bound to be good.

    Action Plus via Getty Images

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    Argentina home

    They say: A classic effort that draws inspiration from the 1993 Copa America strip, coincidentally the last time Argentina won a major title.

    Our verdict: A stylish strip befitting of little Leo Messi. Top drawer.


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    Argentina away

    They say: Black jerseys with neat white and blue trim, white shorts, black socks.

    Our verdict: Woof. Coming to a five-a-side court near you very soon.


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    Iceland home

    They say: An Errea produced kit which incorporates the traditional home colours of blue, red and white.

    Our verdict: Nice, if a little bit bargain basement.


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    Iceland away

    They say: The reverse of the home shirt.

    Our verdict: Yes, we can confirm that this is the exact reverse of the home shirt.


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    Croatia home

    They say: Nike offer a new interpretation of the team’s iconic checker design, with much larger checks than usual.

    Our verdict: Will look great on Luka Modric if he can keep himself out of prison long enough to wear it.

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    Croatia away

    They say: The same template as the home shirt, but with a black and dark blue colour scheme.

    Our verdict: Very, very nice. A slightly gothic interpretation of the home shirt we all know and love. The football kit equivalent of Late Night Hollyoaks.

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    Nigeria home

    They say: An eclectic combination of bright green, white and black in an especially bold design.

    Our verdict: Outstanding. Sensational. Sublime. The nicest kit at this year’s World Cup and destined to be worn at Boiler Room sessions from now until 2046.


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    Nigeria away

    They say: A clean design in dark green with subtle zigzag print.

    Our verdict: Oh dear, clearly Nike used all their budget on the home shirt. About as exciting as a Songs of Praise marathon.


  • 26/51

    They say: A traditional effort with subtle zigzag pattern.

    Our verdict: Why change a winning formula? Bright, bold and very much Brazil.


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    Brazil away

    They say: Based on the same design as the home shirt. Royal blue with a unique star pattern covering the front.

    Our verdict: Yeah, fine, okay.


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    Switzerland home and away

    Not released yet, soz.


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    Costa Rica home and away

    The bad news: the kits haven’t been released yet. The good news: they’re being made by New Balance, so will be peng.

    Getty Images

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    Serbia away

    They say: White with red trim, with the nation’s flag running down the centre.

    Our verdict: Very difficult to criticise. But we’ll have a go: the collar is a bit naff. Other than that, no complaints. Now be on your way, Serbia away.


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    Germany home

    They say: White, black and inspired by the iconic 1990 strip.

    Our verdict: You’ve already seen this, and you already love it. If only it featured the colours of the German flag, though…


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    Germany away

    They say: The first green German jersey since Euro 2012, inspired by the 1994 away effort.

    Our verdict: It’s Adidas. It’s green. It’s great. Let me wear you, Germany away.


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    Mexico home

    They say: Manufactured by Adidas, featuring the country’s traditional green colour with white applications.

    Our verdict: Yum.


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    Mexico away

    They say: Draws inspiration from Mexico’s kits of the 1950s. White with a green, white and red chest stripe.

    Our verdict: Looks a bit like something Roger Federer would wear to win the Australian Open. And we’re very much okay with that.


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    Sweden home

    They say: The traditional yellow and blue, with a subtle jacquard pattern on the front.

    Our verdict: Nothing to write home about, to be honest. Unless you’re writing the solitary word ‘BORING’, that is.


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    Sweden away

    They say: Adidas claim the away kit features ‘a sleek design in blue and yellow’.

    Our verdict: That subtle pattern is very nice. One of the better ‘plain Jane’ kits to be worn in Russia.


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    South Korea home

    They say: A classic red design with dark blue shorts and red socks.

    Our verdict: Boring. Plain. Routine. Run-of-the-mill. Humdrum, Dreary. Banal. Unoriginal. Spiritless. Insipid. Etc.


  • 38/51

    South Korea away

    They say: Predominantly white, with a bold blue and red graphic print subtly inspired by a tiger pattern and the Taegeuk symbol.

    Our verdict: Much better, although it does look a bit like a crayon wielding toddler has been let loose on the new England shirt. Which nevertheless remains a huge improvement.


  • 39/51

    Belgium home

    They say: A bold design that takes inspiration from the iconic 1984 top.

    Our verdict: Cracking. Atones for those atrocious Burrda efforts they’ve been palmed off with at the last few tournaments.


  • 40/51

    Belgium away

    They say: Yellow and black with a slight all-over graphic print.

    Our verdict: Yet another sublime Adidas away kit. *Wolfwhistles*


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    Panama home and away

    Yet to be released.

    AFP/Getty Images

  • 42/51

    Tunisia home

    They say: White with red crew-neck collar and cuffs, and a dotted gradient graphic.

    Our verdict: If this football shirt was a British sporting personality, it would be Steve Davis.


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    Tunisia away

    They say: The Tunisia 2018 World Cup away shirt is red with white details.

    Our verdict: If this football shirt was a British sporting personality, it would be Steve Davis.


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    England home

    They say: Manufactured by Nike, with a white base with blue for logos and a modern knit pattern on the front.

    Our verdict: About as inspiring as Iain Duncan Smith. This country really is going to the dogs.


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    England away

    They say: Red all over with a subtle St George’s Cross motif across the front.

    Our verdict: It’s red. It has a bit of a pattern thing going on across the front. We’ve already forgotten about it. Next.


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    Poland home and away

    To be made by Nike, but yet to be released.


  • 47/51

    Senegal home and away

    To be made by Puma, but yet to be released. IT’S TOO LATE FOR OUR POLL NOW, SENEGAL.


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    Colombia home

    They say: Produced by Adidas with a traditional colour scheme, inspired by the iconic home shirts worn in the 1970s and 80s.

    Our verdict: Yessssssss. If it’s good enough for James Rodriguez it’s good enough for us.


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    Colombia away

    They say: Predominantly royal blue, with bright orange trim and a jazzy pattern down one side of the shirt.

    Our verdict: Very solid. Colombia right up there with Germany for the best pair of shirts in the business.


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    Japan home

    They say: According to Adidas: ‘the shirt’s bespoke look and graphic takes inspiration from traditional samurai armour’.

    Our verdict: Really lovely kit. Deserves better than the inevitable group stage exit.


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    Japan away

    They say: An understated all-white kit with subtle grey trim.

    Our verdict: Adidas deliver a top-draw kit yet again. A lovely way to round off the gallery. Thanks for reading!


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