World’s tallest waffle stack teeters in a Denver backyard – The Denver Post

The world record for tallest stack of waffles was broken Saturday in some guy’s backyard in Denver.

Spencer McCullough, a 23-year-old waffle wunderkind, had 50 pounds of waffle mix, two waffle irons and a dream. His breakfast-food fantasy was realized when — after hours of mixing, pouring, ironing and hardening in the oven — he produced a column of waffles that stood 67 centimeters, about 26 inches, tall — easily surpassing the previous record of 51 centimeters.

The media’s first inkling that McCullough and company’s waffle-stacking production was a genuine grassroots movement came upon arriving at McCullough’s home and seeing a piece of paper taped to the front door that read: “Waffle world record attempt around back.”

McCullough wants to start working with small businesses, helping them break world records that align with their brand. He needed to practice breaking one, and he and Cory Trimm settled on waffle stacking. McCullough also considered mattress stacking or dressing the most people to look like Albert Einstein.

“We just thought (waffle stacking) seemed doable,” Trimm said.

“Around back” stood Denver land surveyor Dustin Hoaglin hanging out next to his expensive, 3-D laser scanner. McCullough heralded Hoaglin as a “true hero” for taking time out of his Memorial Day weekend to measure the waffle stack so it could become Guinness-official.

“When I started calling around asking land surveyors to do this, I got a lot of laughs,” McCullough said. “People were like ‘Uh, I have to do real work.’ But here we are.”